Loans for those in debt – where and on what terms? | Payday loan consolidation

Online loans amounted to $ 78.5 million. For comparison, the total cost of building a central airport is estimated at $ 30 billion.

Due to the fact that every second adult in Poland has debts, those in debt can successfully apply for a loan. In the event of problems with BIK, the amount paid may be lower than the amount entered in the application.

loans secured by real estate or movable property. Loans for those in debt are dedicated to both individuals and businesses. On the other hand, people who have debts and have no documented income should take advantage of installment loans without income certificates.

Important – non-bank institutions granting this type of loan approach each application individually. In connection with the above, the loan amount is adjusted to the borrower’s repayment possibilities.

We decided to put in one place the offers of loan companies, which they offer to their clients a loan for those in debt. What maximum amount can they count on? Is it possible to incur a financial liability without income?

MoneyFor lends money to people who have trouble paying off other financial liabilities. In order to take out a loan, all you need is an ID card and a bank account. Necessary condition – the account balance must be at least $ 0.01 The reason – this is the verification fee.

The non-bank institution does not attach much importance to the borrower’s presence in the debtors’ bases

  • Loan amount – from 100 to 5000 $,
  • Repayment period – from 5 to 45 days.

LapudaCash can apply to people in debt.

LapudaCash can apply to people in debt.

Because the institution grants loans with a guarantor. In this case, the creditworthiness of the guarantor and not the main borrower is checked. Loan amount – up to $ 25,000. Repayment period of 48 months.

Important – if the main borrower stops paying off the contracted liability, then the liability of settling the debt will fall on the guarantor. The guarantor is liable for the resulting debt with all his property. Withdrawal from the guarantee is very difficult. A Jew does not have to pay back the debt, only if the creditor agrees.

  • Loan amount – from 2,500 to 25,000 $,
  • Repayment period – from 24 to 48 months.

Auto-capital provides loans for the transfer of ownership of a car. Individuals and companies can take advantage of the offer. The applicant must be the sole owner of the pledged vehicle. It is worth emphasizing that throughout the loan period the borrower may use the movable property.

A non-banking institution does not require income certificates. Unfortunately, the debtor bases are checked. However, does not attach much importance to them, because in the event of default, it acquires full ownership of the car.

  • Loan amount – from 6,000 to 100,000 $,
  • Repayment period – from 12 to 48 months.

loans without BIK for repayment options.

  • Loan amount – from $ 1,500 to 10,000
  • Repayment period – from 6 months to 24 months.

Consolidation of payday loans 

Consolidation of payday loans 

The consolidation of payday loans consists of combining several liabilities into one. Such products are provided by both banks and loan companies. However, it should be noted that banks do not consolidate loans with non-bank loans. Loan companies operate in a similar way. To sum up – only banking products can be consolidated with each other, and non-bank loans with loan companies’ products.

Mikesa consolidates loans. The amount is sent directly to loan companies where the applicant has outstanding commitments. The institution verifies BIK. However, people without creditworthiness can apply for a loan. A poor score may result in a lower loan amount.

  • Loan amount – from 2000 to 8000 $
  • Loan period – 12 months

The bailiff has access to the bank account in debt, the borrower should take advantage of the offer of the company, which – firstly delivers cash home, and secondly does not check BIK. However, you should be aware that it is very difficult to find an honest company that provides such loans.

Option two – taking out a loan against real estate. In this case, consequences must be taken into account. In the event of non-repayment, the creditor has the right to take over the debtor’s house or apartment.

Accelerated Loan Securities – new against distressed loans.

In the spring of 2018, the European Commission intends to use its accelerated loan securities to create a security instrument that will give a bank access to collateral, even without a court order, and as part of its non-performing loans (NPLs). 

Update December 2018: In a letter dated 18 December 2018 (5), the European Commission published proposals to facilitate an accelerated dismantling of the judicial enforcement of collateral-secured loans. In short, the accelerated loan securities are still coming soon.

What is the purpose of the EU Commission?

What is the purpose of the EU Commission?

The EU Commission’s consideration: Banks could increasingly lend to companies if, in an emergency, they could more easily access collateral deposited in the loan agreement.

Which loans can be secured by Accelerated Loan Securities?

Which loans can be secured by Accelerated Loan Securities?

According to a report of “Craftsmen Wearsaw” in its issue 49 of 24.11.2017 (1) the eased seizure of, for example, securities or real estate concerns only companies, but not individuals. Thus, no consumer has to fear that the bank will use its own home as an object under the new security instrument, the Australian law firm Schönherr said in an article dated July 19, 2017. (2).

What advantages would banks have for Accelerated Loan Securities?

What advantages would banks have for Accelerated Loan Securities?

An article by the business consultancy Deloter of July 2017 (3) lists as advantages “a significantly reduced and more predictable time frame in the recovery, greater impact on recovery measures and risk reduction in granting new loans” on.
In addition, Accelerated Loan Securities also have benefits for the borrower, because “a broader set of security options and better access to debt finance has benefited borrowers from the proposed solution,” the article said.

How do market participants see the new hedging instrument?

How do market participants see the new hedging instrument?

From 10 July 2017 to 20 October 2017, opinions on the planned regulations of the EU Commission regarding NPLs and thus also on accelerated loan securities could be submitted. The answers are listed by the EU Commission online in their survey area (4).
The range of answers to question number 33 on whether Accelerated Loan Securities can be seen as a tool to help prevent future accumulation of bad loans to banks differs greatly. At the time of our access to the online panel, on 04.12.2017, there were accumulated opinions:

  • 21 x yes
  • 8 x no
  • 7 x maybe (it depends)

Credit without Credit bureau

In most cases, a positive loan commitment depends on the applicant’s creditworthiness. That makes sense, because no bank wants to take the risk of lending large sums of money to a person who is not solvent due to existing debt.

The best way to check the creditworthiness of a private person, is the insight into a Credit bureau information. Here, the bank can see at a glance whether the applicant’s creditworthiness exists or whether his financial situation is already burdened with several loans.

What is meant by Credit bureau?

What is meant by Credit bureau?

The Credit bureau (protection association for general credit protection) is an institution in which an entry is recorded when taking out loans and loans.

There are positive and negative entries, the latter for example for loans not paid or delayed.

Good to know:

Not only loans in the true sense cause entries in the Credit bureau file. The application for credit cards with a credit line can also entail a Credit bureau entry.
For people who have multiple and especially negative Credit bureau entries, they will have problems finding loans. For people with incriminating Credit bureau entries, the loan without Credit bureau is often the only solution to get larger amounts of money.

What does credit without Credit bureau mean?
Loans without Credit bureau, in effect, means that the lender waives a credit check of the applicant. So far, potential debt and loans are ignored.

This means for the applicant at first glance, that he can expect a loan commitment despite a poor financial situation, but this advantage is associated with some risks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan without Credit bureau

Advantages and disadvantages of the loan without Credit bureau

  • No Credit bureau information required
  • Loan amounts are generally provided very quickly upon loan approval
  • Loans without Credit bureau are usually not earmarked
  • The application for a loan without Credit bureau can usually be carried out largely anonymously
  • Even without a Credit bureau entry, a loan without Credit bureau means another financial burden
  • The provision and interest charges for a loan without Credit bureau are significantly higher than for regular loans
  • The market for non-Credit bureau loans includes a large number of dubious providers who take advantage of their customers’ suffering, for example through excessive fees.

Although the applicant for a loan without Credit bureau is in most cases in an emergency situation, providers and offers should be checked for medulla and kidney.
Too many unprofessional offers attract private individuals into even bigger, financial problems.

The approach of such loan sharks is usually sophisticated, so quick shots should definitely be avoided in this situation.



The loan without Credit bureau is for many the only way to get bigger loans. The relevant lenders refrain from verifying the applicant’s creditworthiness and offset the potential risk they incur with higher lending fees.
If a person decides to apply for a loan without Credit bureau, they should absolutely make sure to check the lender and his conditions to the hilt, here hide many so-called loan sharks!
Reputable providers of loans without Credit bureau can be found in relevant credit intermediation portals.

Unemployed loans – Cheap loans in the credit comparison

If one decides during unemployment for a new loan, caution is required. Many offerings target unemployed borrowers who find it hard to get loans. In advertising, the credit for the unemployed is advertised and given the impression that it would be easy to borrow money without income. Often then come with the loan application obligatory fees, or in addition to the loan other financial products are sold (for example, a home savings contract). Unfortunately, in these cases, the loans are usually never paid out, but the consumer remains sitting on the already paid processing fees or the additional purchased products. Dubious credit intermediaries have made the often hopeless unemployed here a business model.

If there is no income, other collateral can lead to the granting of a loan. The Federal Employment Agency may also grant a loan under certain circumstances.

What collateral can an unemployed person offer the bank?

What collateral can an unemployed person offer the bank?

Anyone who can not demonstrate proven attachable income usually has no chance of a installment loan from a German bank. Too big for the bank there is the risk of default. But if the unemployed loan applicant has the opportunity to put the loan application together with a second person, the chances increase. Of course, this guarantor, or co-applicant of course, should have a seizable income. For the bank, the second person’s income is thus the lack of financial security that the actual claimant can not offer due to his or her unemployment.

All facts at a glance

  EU foreign countries family solution German bank Special credit intermediaries for the unemployed
advantages + Often no credit bureau exam
+ Unemployment benefit is also charged as income
+ The way to the cheapest loan + Large selection and good availability + No real ones
disadvantage – Banks require other credit checks
– Organizational effort relatively high
– dependence on friends or family – Other collateral absolutely necessary
– Unemployment benefits do not flow into income
– There are virtually no reputable providers
Conclusion Can then be a solution if the credit bureau makes problems, but credit rating is actually present. If the Family Solution option exists, it should definitely be noticed. Is usually only in a few cases a viable solution. Stay away from the mostly windy offers

Various insurance policies, such as a life insurance may also serve as collateral. If you have such insurance, you can lend it. In this case, either the insurance company could serve as a direct lender, or a bank branch could serve as lender. The collateral which is finally sufficient for which loan is then decided on a case-by-case basis by the bank. There is no fixed comparison value for this purpose. You can have your loan application checked free of charge by applying to the various banks.

What about banks abroad?

What about banks abroad?

Advantage in Switzerland

One advantage that, for example, Switzerland offers compared to Germany, is the additional collateral. In Germany, a borrowed loan must be able to be serviced from current income.

Unemployment benefits may not be borne by the bank in Germany (because this provides basic security and this is inviolable in this country), but banks in Switzerland often rate that more generously.

Often a loan from a foreign bank is touted as a panacea. Of course, the reality is different. Regardless of where the bank is located, any reputable bank is interested in paying off loans only if a smooth repayment is highly likely.

The focus is often on banks from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The often promised “credit without credit bureau” is of course possible here. The credit bureau is a purely German credit reference agency whose data foreign banks do not access. So if you have problems with the credit bureau, you can have a better chance of getting a loan abroad. Finally, when a loan is taken out, this new loan will not affect the credit bureau scoring.

Which factors play a role for creditworthiness:

  • A seizable demonstrable income
  • Other collateral
  • A permanent residence in Germany
  • Your own age

A free ticket for the unemployed and “credit bureau-sinners” is not abroad. Of course, the banks abroad still demand collateral. Banks from Switzerland, Liechtenstein or other countries naturally check the creditworthiness of customers even without credit bureau.

Our tip:

Look for a solution within the family or the closer circle of acquaintances. If a professional and creditworthy person declares himself ready to help you out, he / she can apply for a loan as the sole applicant. This helping person, as the sole borrower, gets significantly more modest interest rates than in a joint loan application with you as an unemployed. Ultimately, this person will then make the money available to you as part of a private loan within the family. If you then start a new job, you can still take over the monthly installments.

12000 Usd Loan Credit Comparison – Cheap Loan Loan Comparison

No credit without proper protection. This is no different even with a 12000 usd loan. Whoever is unable to raise the money for the repayment over the entire term will not be granted credit. Banks and savings banks are now looking very carefully to minimize the risk of default on the loan.

Your way to the 11000 usd loan:

A good hedge required a good credit rating. The positive credit bureau and a fixed income are obligatory in this regard. In addition, it may happen that additional safeguards are required. Depending on the bank and depending on the purpose of the 12,000 usd loan.

Additional insurance may be insurance, a second co-applicant or even material collateral. In the best case, one waits for the proposals of the bank and then see what can be implemented. The easiest way is always to work with a guarantor. However, this is then also in a great responsibility that you would not expect any x-any acquaintance. Because if the main borrower can not pay more, the guarantor has to take the blame.

Our tip: anyone who checks in advance whether he can afford the loan is always on the safe side. Just set the monthly installment of credit aside for two to three months and see if the remaining money is enough for all expenses. If that works fine, this will work with the credit. In addition, the amount covered can be used as a down payment and the loan amount reduced accordingly.

What do the banks offer?

What do the banks offer?


A 12000 usd loan is no big deal for the banks. Such a loan you get everywhere, so that the competition among the banks is very large. For the borrower, an advantage that can draw from a wide range of offers.

It is worthwhile, if the 12000 usd credit allows special unscheduled repayments. If desired, additional money can flow into the loan, which reduces the term or the monthly installments.

Payment pauses should also be possible. in addition, a rescheduling or a reorganization of the repayment terms. Should there be any financial problems during the repayment, the $ 12,000 loan can be realigned without the bank having to expect a default. Both sides benefit from this rule – the borrower and the bank.

Student Loan

Already since 2006 offers a loan offer addressed to students. The Student Loan is one of the most popular loans for students and has been taught over 60,000 times. Favorable interest rates and good accessibility have made Studentenkredit a great success.

Information about the payout

Information about the payout

Term: Students can receive money through the loan between 6 months and 7 years. That depends entirely on the degree program. There are up to 5 years money for the normal study program, and up to 7 years for studies with a longer standard period of study (like law and medicine). For a postgraduate degree (such as Master or PhD) a term of up to 3 years is possible. For a combination of several courses, the regulation is 7 years.

How does the application work?

How does the application work?

It is essential to check in advance whether your university meets all the conditions for a grant. If so, you can submit an application online.

For undergraduate students over the age of 39, the limit of 6 semesters has been in place since 2013. Between the ages of 34 and 29, 10 semesters are possible.

Monthly installments: The highest monthly installment is 650 USD, but there are interest rates starting from the first month. These interest will be deducted from the payment in the following month, which gives the student a little less than the 650 USD.

What are the limitations: The Student Loan is available only for German citizens nationals who study in Germany for at least 3 years. Prerequisite is studying at a state-recognized or state university in Germany. In addition, there are time limits that limit funding to a maximum of 14 semesters.

It is also possible to finance a stay abroad if the student remains enrolled at the German university during this time.

The loan amount is all in all limited to 54,600 USD and there is no claim from the legal side on the promotion.

Information about repayment

Information about repayment

When will be paid back: Even if the study is still ongoing, you begin to pay the loan 6-18 months after the last payout. Always in April or October it is possible to initiate repayment.

Which interest rate is due: Currently, the interest rate is 3.84 percent. The interest is always fixed for half a year and can then change. The absolute maximum rate of 9.41 percent is fixed. The highest level so far was 6.5 percent. If the borrower is in the repayment phase, a fixed rate option can also be selected. This can then be determined for the remaining term (maximum 10 years). How high this fixed rate depends on the remaining term.

Deadlines: In the normal case, the repayment is set at 10 years, but it is also possible to extend it to up to 25 years. Until the age of 67, however, the debt must be completely paid.